Nashville fans have a love-hate relationship with Juliette Barnes, the young, sexy-and-she-knows-it country prodigy played by Hayden Panettiere on the popular TV show.

Of course, Panettiere preceded that with a star turn on Heroes, as well as early films including Remember the Titans, but Nashville has launched her as a star to country music fans, as well as TV viewers all over the world. As you can see from this 'Then' photo, Barnes/Panettiere wasn't always the fiery hotshot she portrays on Nashville, but she did learn sassy at a young age.

The 2001 picture is from the premiere of the 'N Sync: Bigger Than Live movie (we can only guess she was a huge fan). Panettiere is all of 12 years old in the left picture, but she'd already learned how to pose for the paparazzi on the red carpet after appearing in a couple of movies and soap operas. It's generally not cool to diss a pre-teen's wardrobe, but we're making an exception here -- because those pants are louder than the trouble she's stirred up on Nashville over the years.

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