Any woman who has carried twins in her lifetime knows that pregnancy is a whole 'nother ball of wax when there's two babies waiting to be born. Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, who revealed in September that she'll be expecting a pair of girls in 2018, is definitely part of that club.

Proof positive? The singer showed off a new photo of her rapidly growing bump on Instagram Dec. 1.

Scott, who is due in February, should have at least a couple more months before the big showtime. But that tummy is certainly growing quickly! "In case anyone was wondering this #twinpregnancy is getting REALLY real now," she wryly commented.

The twins will join big sister Eisele (4) upon arrival. The singer and husband Chris Tyrrell have been very upfront so far about the details of the pregnancy, even sharing a video of the moment they told their daughter that she would soon have two baby sisters.

Previously Scott and Tyrrell had been very candid about a miscarriage they suffered in 2015. The singer wrote a song called "Thy Will" that was inspired by the experience. It was part of her Grammy-winning Christian album Love Remains.

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