Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum is just waiting for her baby to make an appearance, as are millions of the trio's fans. In the meantime, Scott and her husband are getting plenty of entertainment from Jeff Daniels and musicals.  

The singer and her husband need something to keep their minds from wondering when labor will begin, so they've decided to stay entertained -- with television and movies. Since their days (and nights) will soon be busy with a little one, we applaud their choice to relax and continue having fun together.

"We are on our 3rd episode of Season 1 of Newsroom and we LOVE IT!! Jeff Daniels is AMAZING! #newfans," Scott tweeted. She certainly doesn't sound like a miserable pregnant mother-to-be, desperately waiting for her daughter to be born; she just sounds like the bubbly and fun-loving songstress she's always been.

Turns out that the 'Downtown' singer and her husband have also been watching Les Miserables' and it sounds like it definitely impacted them -- in a hilarious way. Scott admitted, "Just watched Les Miserables. We loved it, and are now walking around the house singing every sentence we say. I'm crying from laughing!"

Sounds like they are still having fun waiting, even as her due date approaches. Scott is an inspiration to all pregnant mothers for her positive attitude and ability to enjoy these last few moments of being pregnant.