Homegrown's video for their latest single, "Throwback," will make anyone who was raised in small town America long for home.

The Georgia-based group consists of brothers Craig and Kevin Brannon, along with lifelong friends Megan Blair and Jason Cole. They recently released a new EP, Georgia, that pays homage to their roots, and they continue in that vein with the new video for "Throwback," which is debuting exclusively with Taste of Country.

The video captures the simple magic of being in love in an idyllic small town setting, heading out for a date that consists of hitting some local spots before spreading a blanket and sipping some wine out in nature. The fun but laid-back video captures the spirited, loose energy of the track, which is contemporary and up-tempo while still remaining true to Homegrown's country roots.

The Brannon brothers and Cole co-wrote the song with Jonathan Dean.

"Just like the writing process for 'Throwback,' we also wanted the video to capture what it's like growing up in the rural South, losing track of time with the one you love," lead singer Craig Brannon tells us.

"It really hits on a personal level with me. Filming shots in my hometown and even having my wife, Kayla, co-star pretty much sums up what a typical date would look like for us, which is something I think all of our fans can relate to -- real life."

The five-song Georgia EP is the follow-up to Homegrown's full-length debut album, 2015's Summer Song. It is available on iTunes. For more information about Homegrown, visit their official website, or follow the group on Facebook and Twitter.

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