They way Lanco landed their record deal was something most artists dream about — and they may or may not have been slightly intoxicated during the process.

The five-member band explain how they were performing a casual show at the High Watt in Nashville when they went backstage afterward to find a group of strangers hanging out in the green room. It turns out those strangers were all executives from Sony Music Nashville who had come to see them play, including CEO Randy Goodman, who offered the group a record deal on the spot.

"It's funny because I was a bit tipsy. I mean I'm not going to lie," Tripp Howell admitted to Taste of Country during the CMA Awards Radio Row remotes.

"If we were, I think that sobered me up real quick," says Brandon Lancaster.

"We were all kind of like deer in headlights," adds Chandler Baldwin.

The friends and bandmates couldn't be happier on their label home, scoring their first No. 1 hit in 2017 with their second single "Greatest Love Story." Lanco reveal that the label celebrates their individuality and understands their unique sound.

"They were all there and they saw the show and became believers. And so that was just such a big deal for us because what you're trying to do every night is make people believe it. You have the show, you have these songs, you want to bring them into this culture and they got it," the band explains to Taste of Country and other media.

"And the fact that they signed us right after the show kind of showed that they really believe in what they're doing, they understood it...More than anything, I think it's just really cool and rewarding that you can make art you really believe in and the label can invest in it and it all works out."

The band are set to release their debut album, Hallelujah Nightson Jan. 18.

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