Luke Bryan says he was joyriding at the end of a long bike ride when he fell off his bike, breaking his clavicle. Last Thursday's accident came at the end of a 28-mile bike ride with a friend.

Talking with assorted media prior to Friday's Farm Tour stop in Elizabethtown, Ky., Bryan said he was relatively new to cycling, having started just a few months ago. Typically he rides by himself, but he was riding with an experienced friend Thursday afternoon (Oct. 6). They got to the last two miles of a long ride and the singer asked if they could relax and enjoy it some. As they were riding and talking, he rode off the the road, and when he tried to pull the bike back on the cement, he crashed.

The break was clean, which Bryan says made it slightly less painful than it would have been otherwise. He wore a sling during Thursday's show and got through the weekend before undergoing surgery on Sunday (Oct. 9).

The injury and surgery won't force him to cancel any remaining shows on the Farm Tour. His next stop is planned for Wednesday (Oct. 12) in Batesville, Miss. He has four Farm Tour stops remaining, followed by three Kill the Lights Tour shows. His schedule quiets down considerably after that.

This actually isn't the first fall Bryan has had while cycling. He says he also fell while riding near a beach earlier this year, but popped up unharmed after that crash. Jake Owen also hurt himself cycling this year. In May, he gashed open his left forearm during a crash.

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