Country singer and winner Danielle Bradbery, 16, saw a dream come true on the Season 4 finale of 'The Voice.' Not only did she win the show, but she performed 'I Want Crazy' alongside superstar Hunter Hayes. Together, they turned his latest smash single into a duet!

Hayes really allowed Bradbery to be an active and integral part of the song, stepping back to let her sing and making eye contact with her throughout the performance as he sang along and played guitar.

Bradbery looked lovely in a white dress, but she was clearly a little nervous. But then again, she was performing with one of her favorite singers -- also a legit superstar in the genre she is working to break into.

She's a Hayniac, too, so we can't blame her for battling some nerves.

Hayes was also visibly happy to be taking the stage on one of the biggest shows on TV, jumping up and down while he played guitar. He performed with boundless energy.

As Hayes and Bradbery closed out their performance, tons and tons of red balloons descended from the sky. Bradbery reached over and high-fived her duet partner.

This may be the first time that Bradbery performed with Hayes, but perhaps it won't be the last, as she has a long and fruitful country career ahead of her. Her performances on Season 4 are indicative of that.