Hunter Hayes brought a little bit of pop to the 2013 CMA Awards, singing 'Everybody's Got Somebody But Me' with Jason Mraz.The two singers sported perfectly coordinated outfits, which complemented their perfectly harmonized vocals. Hayes was wearing all denim and as always, looked adorable with his acoustic guitar strapped across his body -- signaling to fans that he'd break out his skills later in the performance. Mraz was sleek and confident in a button-up shirt and stylish hat.

Their performance actually began backstage, reminding one of the song's music video. Hayes knocked on Mraz's dressing room door, and they strolled down the hallway singing, before they walked through a path of fans, all the way up to the CMA stage.

Then, Hayes took the standing mic while Mraz sat in front of him on the steps. The country crooner started strumming his guitar as they sang out the catchy lyrics of the fifth single from Hayes' self-titled debut album. We all know that the 22-year-old can sing, but he showed off an amazing falsetto during the song, giving everybody something to clap about.

Eventually, the song morphed into the transition to the New Artist of the Year nominees, and Hayes asked the audience to give it up for the talented stars.