Hunter Hayes is at the top of his game right now, and there's no stopping him. Not only did he just release 'Hunter Hayes (Encore),' much to the delight of his fans, but he also just sold out at the Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium -- twice. 

If anyone was unsure about the 21-year-old's popularity, all they need to do is look at his Ryman power. Hayes sold out two nights in under an hour, and it's his first headlining show at the venue. Now that's impressive.

“ONE night at the Ryman is something I’ve dreamed about for a long time,” says Hayes. “It makes it even better that we get to do TWO, and the fact that they sold out that quick is just such a thrill. I’m so excited!"

He adds, "This pretty much guarantees it’s going to be crazy!”

The super talented, multi Grammy-nominated performer will perform his past hits, as well as songs from the new deluxe edition of his album. Of course, it's no longer a Hayes concert without his No. 1 hit single 'I Want Crazy,' which has a sweet music video that fans are watching again and again.

Special guest, critically-acclaimed Warner Bros. Records artist Ashley Monroe, will also perform at the Ryman with Hayes. She appears on the track 'What You Gonna Do' on his 'Encore' album.

They'll be spending lots of time together, as the 26-year-old singer will even join the country crooner on his Let's Be Crazy headlining tour this fall. The pair of rising stars will get lots of good practice in at the Ryman -- and store it away as an incredibly memorable experience, for sure.