Hunter Hayes celebrated yesterday's release of his debut album by performing the title track, 'Storm Warning,' on the 'Late Show With David Letterman.'

Those that didn't know the performance marked Hayes' first national television appearance might be hard-pressed to believe it. Dressed in a black Henley shirt, jeans and sneakers, the 20-year old Louisiana native and his three-piece band performed as if they were born to be in such spotlights. Hours before taping the show, though, Haye  admitted to having a few jitters -- mainly because of the many legendary performers that have taken the stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater, where the show is broadcast.

"That's some kind of epic place to play," Hayes told Taste of Country of the venue where the Beatles made their first U.S. appearance, and where many prominent musicians still play. "I found a couple of my favorite acts [including Rascal Flatts] just from watching [the 'Letterman'] show."

After the taping, Hayes planned to go to dinner with his friends and crew to celebrate the album's release. As of yesterday afternoon, he said he was still mulling possible sites for the bash.

"I'd tell you where," he said with a laugh, "but I really don't know yet!"

Hayes, who has written a host of songs -- including songs for such high-profile artists as Rascal Flatts and Montgomery Gentry -- is rightfully proud of making the record "pretty much myself" with co-producer Dann Huff as his "musical coach and professor."

Even before the album was released, fan reaction to it surprised him.

"I will say they are coming to shows with lighted signs and stuff. That is awesome," he said. "Then we are showing up at shows and the record is out now, but last week we only had five tracks on iTunes. The fans [at last week's shows] knew songs we hadn't released. They had been on YouTube and really done their research!"

Although the audience wasn't shown at the Letterman show, one can presume Hayes' high-spirited performance had more than a few in the crowd singing along.