Hunter Hayes is only 22 years old, but he's an old pro when it comes to making music. The Grammy-nominated singer will debut his sophomore album, 'Storyline,' in May.

The young singer is a music prodigy who played more than 30 instruments on his debut album, but this time around, Hayes is relying on his touring band and guest musicians in the studio. Included in the mix is legendary steel guitar player Paul Franklin, who collaborated with country singer Vince Gill on 'Bakersfield.'

Hayes co-wrote all of the tracks on 'Storyline' and co-produced the record with Dann Huff, who also worked on his first record. Last fall, the country heartthrob dished that he had over 60 songs for a new album, and it must have taken some work to whittle the track listing down to 14.

Included in the track listing is the anti-bullying anthem 'Invisible,' which Hayes debuted at the 2014 Grammys, as well as the fan-favorite 'Wild Card.'

'Storyline' is available for pre-order now on the country singer's website and on iTunes. Fans can snatch up a copy of the album on May 6.

Hunter Hayes 'Storyline' Track Listing:

1. 'Wild Card'
2. 'Storyline'
3. 'Still Fallin'
4. 'Tattoo'
5. 'Invisible'
6. '…interlude'
7. 'You Think You Know Somebody'
8. 'Flashlight'
9. 'When Did You Stop Loving Me'
10. '…like I was saying (jam)'
11. 'Secret Love'
12. 'Nothing Like Starting Over'
13. 'If It’s Just Me'
14. 'Love Too Much'

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