We're getting closer and closer to the finish line for Season 14 of The Voice, and on Monday (April 30), the contestants gave their all performing fan-chosen songs for America to vote on their respective talents. While there was plenty of country music represented that evening, a member of Team Adam Levine stepped forward and snatched the spotlight with an unexpectedly perfect cover that pretty much owned the country vibes for the evening.

That singer would be Jackie Verna, who was given Deana Carter's 1996 hit "Strawberry Wine" to tackle. Verna, whose best performances to date have been on the country end of things, seemed a bit hesitant at first but swung quickly into the song's aching vibe. It became clear that, although she's tackled a few country classics this season to date, this was the song that she was meant to sing. Fans know best!

"That song is so perfect for your voice," marveled Coach Blake Shelton, who admitted he was a bit amazed at how well the selection went off. "It’s cool to see how intuitive the fans are...I never would have picked that song for you."

Meanwhile, Verna's own coach, Levine, unsurprisingly spared no praise on his end either. "This girl is more dynamic and better and richer every show," he asserted. "You do it so classy. Today was honest-to-God flawless."

Was Verna your favorite of the evening? Tune back in tomorrow to see if America agreed with you. We'll be keeping an eye on things all the way to the season's finale.

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