Jake Owen's Christmas wish list includes a new album, and he's targeting the mistletoe-filled month to give himself and all of his devoted fans the gift of his highly-anticipated fourth studio album. 

Owen is well into the process of getting the record out, he tells Billboard. "I'm in the middle of almost wrapping it up, actually. I've recorded about eight or 12 songs that are great," he reveals. "It's just feel-good, kind of the same thing I do, man. Just good-time, good-feeling songs. That's the best way to put it."

The 31-year-old singer hopes to have the set's first single out in July, and he's already started playing some of the new tracks live, including 'Beachin',' which he calls "a 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' sister song," and 'Days of Gold,' which is actually a strong consideration for the album's title.

Owen will be following the same format as his previous full-length album, and has decided to not focus on writing as much as just finding terrific songs. "I wrote everything on my first two albums, and on 'Barefoot' I pretty much chose a lot of stuff I liked, whether I wrote it or not, and that's what I'm doing on this (new) record," Owen explains.

"I've been fortunate with songwriters giving me great songs. It's hard to turn down awesome songs by other people. Most of the songs I recorded are songs I found from outside, in fact," he adds. "I'm not at the point where I care anymore if I wrote 'em or not. It's really about the song, not who writes it."

Owen scored his first No. 1 single with 'Barefoot,' and although he does feel pressure to keep tracking with success, he's optimistic about where things are headed. "As much pressure as it might seem like, it also takes a lot of pressure off," he says. "Radio stations know if you've had three No. 1 (singles) in a row you've got some momentum going and people want to hear what's next."

Fans will certainly be vying to hear Owen's new tunes, and he'll be hitting the road this summer for lots of festivals and fairs. The singer has come a long way in his career, and he's enjoying every second of it. "I've got to tell you it feels so good now to be in this place in my life, where people are paying attention," he admits.

People are certainly paying attention, and will be eagerly anticipating his upcoming album in their stockings this Christmas.