Jake Owen's highly anticipated album 'Days of Gold' hits store shelves on Dec. 3, and country fans will be rushing there to get their hands on a copy as soon as it does. If you snag the record at Target, you won't just get the album -- you'll also receive four bonus tracks. Listen to a snippet of the deluxe edition's track 'After the Music's Stopped' now, exclusively on Taste of Country.

Owen been open about releasing 'Days of Gold,' revealing that there will be less party songs and more meaning -- and 'After the Music's Stopped' is a prime example of this shift.

"I still haven't found what I was looking for/Dancing in the streets/God only knows I'm carrying the weight while my guitar gently weeps," the star sings.

The song is a story about a man losing his woman, wishing he could get her back -- and the lyrics are titles from classic rock and pop songs. It's ingenious and poignant, and hearing just a sample of the track will only make fans crave more from Owen.

The four bonus tracks on the Target exclusive deluxe edition of 'Days of Gold' will include 'After the Music’s Stopped' and 'I Like You a Lot,' plus 'Surefire Feeling' and 'Summer Jam' (featuring Florida Georgia Line). The album will be available in Target stores and online on December 3. It's currently available for pre-order at Target.com.

Listen to Jake Owen, ‘After the Music's Stopped’