Poor Jake Owen. He can't help it that beautiful women, especially drunk ones, throw themselves at him -- but easy hookups are just not his style. In his new 'Alone With You' video, Owen speaks his mind and talks from the heart because the track he's been running on has got him singing the blues.

'Alone With You' is a sexy, dark video that takes place some time between Saturday night and Sunday morning and shows a softer, lonelier side of the 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' singer.

When the clip opens, we see the singer asleep on his couch in front of the TV with his bulldog Merle, when a voice mail alert wakes him from his slumber. It's his girl -- or should we say late-night friend -- letting him know that she's coming over. From there, things get serious.

It seems that Mr. Owen is thinking things through. When the blonde bombshell arrives, his heart is saying no but his hands are saying "let's go," meaning things get pretty hot and steamy. The singer wants the girl to know he's more than a sex object, but she's like an addiction that he can't break. There are elements of anger -- she only calls him when she's drunk and he can't handle it anymore -- but romantic feelings are developing.

In the end, it seems there's no conclusion ... and Jake Owen is left with his thoughts once again. "The line in the song ‘But you kiss me when you’re drunk’ is so real, and the music video is true to the storyline of the song," Owen explains in a press release about the new video. "Basically, it’s about not finding love ... but comfort in someone’s arms who really isn’t the one for you and sometimes no one else knows about it but the two of you."

Watch the Jake Owen 'Alone With You' Video