Ever since Jake Owen became a dad last Thanksgiving, his outlook on life has changed drastically. HIs new daughter, Pearl, has caused him to  slow life down -- and even enjoy those pesky early morning hours.

'The One Who Got Away' hitmaker tells People, "Time does fly in life but right now, I'm really trying to slow it down." He admits that he thinks a lot about what the future holds for the new lady in his life, whom he helped deliver. "I'm already thinking about where she'll go to school, what color her backpack will be when I watch her walk away from me and walk inside of her school for the first time, who her friends are gonna be, what she wants to be when she grows up..."

Part of trying to slow life down consists of enjoying every moment, even at the crack of dawn -- although Owen hasn't always enjoyed those AM hours. "My favorite time of the day is probably the morning time with Pearl, when she wakes up after sleeping... she's always happy in the morning -- unlike her dad," he spills. "I usually tend to be a bit disgruntled or moody in the morning, you could say, but Pearl has made me grow into having a happier outlook on life... she makes my day a whole lot better."

Sounds like Pearl already has her dad wrapped around her tiny finger, and he's enjoying every minute. It's funny how such a small bundle can change life so drastically, and the 'Anywhere With You' singer explains that it has completely revolutionized his life. "Having a daughter, having a family -- gives me a whole lot more purpose in life," he concludes.

Although life may not slow down for Owen, as he has a thriving music career and is busy opening up for Jason Aldean, you can be sure he'll enjoy every single moment with his daughter -- even if it's before sunrise.