Jake Owen will release his new album 'Days of Gold' on Dec. 3. The singer, known for his adventurous lifestyle, shared the tracklisting for the record via a photo on Facebook. But in typical Jake Owen fashion, he did things a little differently.

In today's digital age, information is incredibly interactive and participatory. It's fired off in 140-character sized bits and pieces, through puzzles or by sending fans and users on an online scavenger hunt to unlock the content, thus making them do actual work. Owen was a bit old-fashioned in his reveal, using penmanship to make the big announcement. He didn't ask fans to use anything but their eyes to see the song titles.

Granted, he did post the picture on Facebook, which is a modern social media convention. But it was still cool and refreshing to see the tracks written in ink and with a little doodle of a ghost, which looks like one from the PacMan era, next to the track 'Ghost Town' -- a nice touch.

The album's current single is the title track and it's at radio now.

Jake Owen 'Days of Gold' Album Track Listing: