Jake Owen got some unexpected onstage help during Sunday's show in West Springfield, Mass. While singing 'Eight Second Ride,' the singer was joined by Carson, a young fan with some old-school moves. “I’ve seen a lot of kids onstage before, but I've never seen a kid rock out like Carson,” he said after their impromptu duet was finished.

As seen in the video below, the kid holds nothing back. He mixes break dancing with air guitar, until Owen gives him a real guitar to finish the song with. Although it's not plugged in, the tyke works the strings like he's been doing it for years. Owen can't stop laughing, but Carson is serious about his work until the moment he's lifted back to his spot in the audience.

"Now that is exactly why I love YouTube right there," Owen tells the crowd. He may have gotten the idea to bring kids onstage after watching his summer tour partner Keith Urban do the same during his set. Urban's fans only got to sing along, however. There weren't any reports of one rocking out as hard as Carson did on Sunday.

Watch Jake Owen and Carson Jam on 'Eight Second Ride'