Jake Owen is gearing up for the holidays, but not like you might expect. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the non-Jewish country singer joked he will be releasing an album of Hanukkah songs.

"Never before has a non-Jewish entertainer released an album of Hanukkah songs until tonight," Kimmel says, introducing Owen.

The host prefaces the skit by asserting that while many Jewish musicians have released Christmas albums (Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow and Kenny G), Owen will be the first non-Jewish artist to release a Hanukkah themed album.

"Well hey, I'm Jake Owen," Owen says, grinning at the camera. "Some of you may like to call me Jay Cohen. What I love more than country music is the wonderful festival holiday of Chanukah."

Wearing a sweatshirt with a Menorah, Owen then begins to play his guitar while singing some songs that will be featured on his fictitious album, including the uniquely titled tracks "Let's Do Jewish Stuff," "Lighting the Pointy Candle Thingy" and "Reuben the Red-Nosed Rabbi."

In the skit, Owen performs the songs for a Jewish family who are less than enthused while an advertisement pops up with a Billboard review of equal caliber.

"The most misinformed, poorly researched holiday album of all time," the advertisement boasts.

While Owen fans won't be able to purchase his unique holiday album, A Jay Cohen Chanukah, the singer has promised to release new music in 2016.

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