Jake Owen is not only making his own music, but apparently inspiring that of others, as well. Owen Taste of Country Nights that the song "I Took a Pill in Ibiza," Mike Posner’s most recent hit, was inadvertently sparked by something he told the pop artist when they were hanging out in the studio last year.

The guys connected after Owen had been covering one of Posner's songs in his set and Posner saw it and praised the country singer's version. Owen later reached out to Posner via Twitter when he was in L.A., and the two decided to spend some time making music together.

“I was staying at this hotel and I rented out the studio down below. I was by myself, so I was like, 'I don’t have anything to do, I’m just gonna play music for four days in the studio. Do you want to join me and make up some tunes?'” he recalls asking Posner. “And he was like, ‘Yeah!’"

Fast forward to just recently, when Owen was watching a video interview on Rolling Stone’s site with Posner talking about his new record and hears his name dropped.

“[It] really, really flattered me. He referenced that night in the studio, and he said, ‘if it wasn’t for my buddy Jake Owen, who looked me right in the face —‘ and I told him, one of the main things that has made country music so great over the years is there’s a lot of truth in it, and people enjoy the truth," he shares. "Sometimes it’s not all fantasy. So I said, ‘you oughta do that, man. You really oughta write the truth this next time around. Try to really dig deep in your soul.’"

Apparently that conversation was the catalyst for the single currently making waves worldwide.

“The next day he took a plane to go to Russia and he wrote on the plane, ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza,'" Owen explains, quoting the lyrics. “You can tell the truth like that — there’s nothing partying about that. It’s almost sad. But people tend to gravitate toward what they feel like is the truth coming from artists."

Owen says that’s what he's always tried to do with his own music, regardless of how personal or profound the lyrics are: "When you can be you, I think it really resonates with people."

The country star has been working on putting together honest tunes for his new record, including his single "American Country Love Song," for which he recently released the no-frills music video. The artist hopped in a VW bus, which he dubbed the Love Bus, and took a road trip with some friends rather than creating a high-concept, high-glam video, and he says he learned a lot about taking it slow.

“I learned (to) take your time in life,” the singer-songwriter says. “Sometimes taking your time is very satisfying. I went 55MPH in a ’66 Volkswagen van from Nashville to Key West. It was nice being in the righthand lane, just cruising."

Owen is also headlining the Taste of Country Music Festival on Father's Day, June 12, and he hopes his daughter, Pearl, will be able to join him.

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