The music world has been reeling with the news of legendary artist Prince’s passing, and that includes Jake Owen. Though the two artists never shared a genre, Prince’s influence spanned nearly every category, so Owen took the time to pay tribute to the icon with a cover of one of his most well-known hits, "Purple Rain."

Owen performed the song while playing at a Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention promoting his new business venture, Beach Whiskey. The somber cover had a different flair than the beach boy's usual style, but his stripped down version of the classic married the soulful ballad with his country sensibility seamlessly. Owen sang the tune with conviction and heart, clearly a longtime fan of Prince’s work.

The singer is gearing up to release a new record this summer, which he says will be an honest reflection of his life experiences over recent months, including his divorce from wife Lacey and being a single dad. He recently released the video for "American Country Love Song," something he purposefully made as a look into what it’s like to live free of the fast-paced life that often comes with being a country star.

"I’ve gone through a lot in the last couple years," he says. "And it was nice to just literally drive 55 miles an hour in the right-hand lane, which was as fast as we could go, not be in a hurry, and along the way see what happens … Stop places, play music, eat some good food and talk to people."

Owen and his friends traveled from Music City down to Key West in a vintage sea foam green Volkswagen bus, dubbed the Love Bus, to get to that place of freedom and slow living, and it seems like it paid off.

"I learned (to) take your time in life," Owen adds of the trip, which included a short breakdown when the '66 VW ran out of gas. "Sometimes taking your time is very satisfying."

No word yet on an official release date or title, but fans can’t wait to see what comes of this new chapter in Owen’s life.

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