James Otto is one proud daddy to his first born daughter, Ava Katherine ... just ask him! After this past weekend's activities, you don't even need to strike up a conversation with the 'Just Got Started Lovin' You' singer to know that, since he is now sporting some fresh ink across the inside of his wrist with his little love bug's name.

"I went ahead & got that Tattoo tonight!" Otto tweeted on Sunday evening from Key West, Fla., where he has spent the past several days performing as part of a songwriting festival.

Otto had the tattoo dedicated to his little girl, born Aug. 24, 2010, put on his left wrist, matching the tattoo on his right wrist of his wife's name, Amy.

"I’ve wanted to do this tattoo since Ava was born," Otto tells Taste of Country. "There are a lot of tattoos you may regret getting, but your child’s name is a safe bet. Plus, my wife isn’t a huge fan of tattoos, but it’s hard for her to be mad about one to honor our daughter [laughs]!"

It seems like getting fresh ink symbolizing love for children and spouses is a common trend lately. Just last month, Sunny Sweeney took a trip down to the tattoo parlor, where she had the Roman numerals for the number 11 inked on her inner arm, honoring her recent wedding on 11-11-11. Josh Kelley also got a tat in recent months when he had a large Sagittarius symbol done on his forearm, along with his wife and daughter's birth dates, both who have November birthdays.