As many industry pundits have been predicting, the bro-country phenomenon appears to have peaked, and now seems to be fading. Jamie Lynn Spears hopes that may pave the way for a wider diversity of music at country radio.

"I've definitely heard some music this year that is away from that pattern," she tells Taste of Country. "I think there's always gonna be a place for that, because there's a huge fanbase. It does bring a lot of attention to country music, but it's really nice to see these great songs that are coming through that are different from that, like Little Big Town's 'Girl Crush.' You see everybody going crazy about that right now."

The singer-songwriter — who released her debut EP, The Journey, in 2014, and co-wrote Jana Kramer's new single, "I Got the Boy" — is heartened by what she sees as a shift toward more diversity and substance. "It's so nice to see people supporting that," Spears says. "I think that if all of us as artists stick together and really support each other, then we can make it possible for all of us. We can just be one big team, supporting good music and what we believe in. I think we need to be one big support system and say, 'This is the kind of music we want to put out there for our genre,' coming together for music we really believe in."

Spears is currently at work on new songs for her second studio project, for which no timeline has yet been announced.

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