Jamie Lynn Spears is getting back to work on some new music for her next recording project.

The singer-songwriter released her debut EP, The Journey, in mid-2014, and she spent most of the latter part of the year promoting it through live performances. She took a break to spend the holidays with her family, but Spears has been back in Nashville recently, working on new material for a followup.

"Last year was my first time releasing an EP, and that was a whirlwind," she tells Taste of Country. "I didn't really know what to expect, and I was really pleased with the way everything went as far as doing that my first time independently. But this year, it's kind of time to say, 'Okay, you've been through the first round of understanding the whole process,' and give me some time to think about what I want to say with my next project. That's what I'm doing right now. I've been in Nashville writing a good bit, but I'm also digging through my catalog, digging through some old songs and just trying to figure out what my next message is gonna be."

Spears has been performing some new songs on the road, and she's especially happy to re-connect with the creative process.

"Last year was a big year of just me on the road, promoting my EP and doing that, and I kind of got away from the writing, the creating music process, which for the first five years before that I was always tuned in to writing, and really being connected to the process of that," she says. "And when I went back in to write, it was kind of nerve-wracking. It's so bizarre, whenever you come back in. It's a vulnerable process, and it was kind of nerve-wracking, but I feel like I'm getting back in the groove of it."

Spears doesn't have a set timeline for her next project, but she's spreading her musical wings in a slightly different way with the release of Jana Kramer's new single, "I Got the Boy," which she co-wrote with Connie Harrington and Tim Nichols. She says she's more open now to pitching songs to other artists, adding that it's most important to her to just keep writing.

"I never want to get way from that again," she says firmly. "No matter what I'm doing, I want to always create music and really take time for that. It's nice and it's fresh to take a break sometimes, but having those times where you really can just sit there and write in each phase of your life is really important."

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