Jana Kramer has confirmed that she and Brantley Gilbert have taken their relationship to a new level -- living together.

In an interview with CMT Radio Live's Cody Alan set to air next Tuesday (Jan. 15), the 'Whiskey' singer shares that she is indeed living with her country superstar boyfriend, and that Gilbert even chips in on the mortgage each month.

“I actually bought the house, and he is living with me, yes," the gorgeous singer says of her new living situation (quote via Country Weekly). The pair picked out their new residence together, but did not purchase the property jointly.

"He’s paying his little monthly rent," jokes Kramer.

It seems to be smooth sailing for the young superstar couple, who confirmed their relationship last September. However, their disjointed closet space may be a point of contention in their steadfast relationship.

“It’s hilarious," Kramer confesses. "You walk in and to the right are all my colors and sparkly clothes and then Brantley has the left side of the closet and it’s all black. Actually, I take that back. I bought him four red shirts, and they stick out like a sore thumb.”

Rumors of the couple's new living arrangement were sparked following news that Kramer had placed her quaint Nashville home for sale last month. A host of media sites clamored to tidbits of information -- even before the two superstars made an official announcement.

“I am really happy,” Kramer says when speaking of her love life. “[Brantley] is so wonderful, I cannot stop smiling around him. He surprises me with gifts ‘just because.’”

Quality alone time in their new love nest looks to be a reality for the usually busy country superstars. Combined, the two singers have a handful of tour dates scheduled through the end of February.

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