Jana Kramer brought the heat during her debut on TV's Dancing With the Stars on Monday night (Sept. 12).

The sexy singer and dance partner Gleb Savchenko performed a Viennese waltz to Ariana Grande‘s “Dangerous Woman" for Kramer's debut, with Kramer dressed in a skirt and daring black lace top. Though the country singer laughingly admits she can't dance during their first meeting in the video above, her hard work paid off in rehearsal, and they brought a sizzling chemistry to the dance floor with their own take on the traditional dance.

She and the 32-year-old Russian dancer and choreographer earned a score of 27 out of a possible 40, with the judges split on whether they preferred the more traditional Viennese waltz or the pair's update.

Kramer has been going through quite a bit of personal turbulence recently. She split from her husband of 15 months, Michael Caussin, in August, and admits that being a newly-single working mom balancing the show and her singing career is challenging.

“It’s definitely hard just because we’re so busy with rehearsals and being on tour and also wanting to spend time with Jolie,” Kramer tells People, adding that she hopes to serve as an example to other single working mothers.

In an interview Tuesday morning with the AJ & Ashley Show on country station K92.3 in Orlando, Kramer admits the sexy dance took her a while to adjust to.

"That's just not moves that I would normally do, so it was totally out of my comfort zone," she says. "But when [the judges] made all those comments [about how hot the performance was], I was like, 'Oh, yay! I got it!"

Still, she says, "It was terrifying ... I've never had to dance, especially only after a week and a half of learning a dance. That was truly terrifying for me because I didn't want to go out there and look like a fool. I wanted to make Gleb happy, I wanted to make myself happy, and I knew I had family and friends and all of you guys watching. I'm really proud of myself because I was so nervous, I was literally having an anxiety attack two minutes before."

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