Jana Kramer welcomed her first child, daughter Jolie Rae Caussin, on Jan. 31, and the singer and actor is sharing the story behind what turned out be a complicated delivery.

"It is funny, when I first got pregnant I asked everyone who had a baby what their delivery story was," Kramer writes in a blog for People. And while everyone's story was different, ultimately Kramer's delivery "definitely wasn’t one of the stories I heard where everything went as planned and that no pain was felt."

Kramer and her husband, football player Michael Caussin, married in May 2015 and announced they were expecting their first child in August. She experienced morning sickness all throughout her pregnancy, and a few weeks before she actually gave birth, she had her husband take her to the hospital, believing she was going into labor, which turned out not to be the case. "I kept asking the doctor, 'But how will I know if they are real labor contractions?'" Kramer recalls. "She said, 'Oh, trust me, you will know.'"

She found out first-hand on the morning of Jan. 31, experiencing contractions so severe that she ended up in the car screaming for her husband to come out and drive her to the hospital. A few hours passed, and then came some news she hadn't wanted to hear. Because Kramer's fever kept spiking and her white cell count was too high, she needed to undergo an emergency c-section -- a piece of news that "scared the living daylights outta me," she admits.

But it all turned out well.

"Thirty minutes later, I met my daughter Jolie," Kramer relates. "She had a fever so she spent her first two hours in the NICU with Daddy, and it wasn’t until three hours later that I got to really hold my baby girl. I wish I could explain that moment. It was the most surreal, most loving moment of my life. I never thought I could love something so much."

Kramer adds that while there have certainly been some challenges post-delivery, at 13 weeks her daughter is "starting to really show her adorable personality. Her smile is everything and she for sure has my dimples. She already has Mike and I wrapped around her finger 100 percent. I have never in my life been this in love."

Kramer recently released a new single, "Said No One Ever," and she is set to present at the ACCA Awards on Sunday (May 1), where she is also nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year and Breakthrough Female of the Year.

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