Poor Jana Kramer and her dog, Sophie. The singer shared on Saturday (Dec. 28) that she was in need of prayers after rushing her pup to the doggie ER.

Most animal lovers and dog owners consider their pooches to be akin to family, so it was a scary evening for Kramer and her fur baby. She first tweeted asking for prayers to be sent her way, which may have helped. Later, she issued an update saying the dog was still being treated, but seemed out of the woods.

Kramer then shared a pic of the pup with a little IV in her leg and the caption: "My sweet Sophie bein a strong girl!!!!!!"

Despite the health scare, it would seem that Sophie is on the mend. Late Sunday night, Kramer issued the following update: "My sweet Sophie girl is HOME! She's sleepy but is gonna be okay! Thanks for the prayers and love!!"

Who doesn't love a story with a happy ending?


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