Jana Kramer has shared her story of how she got the boy, and now she wants to hear yours. The “I Got the Boy” singer is asking fans to give her the goods — comment on this ToC article — with stories of how you either got the boy, or scored the man.

Kramer’s second single from an upcoming album is about her high school boyfriend, Matthew. She tells ToC that he was her first love, but describes it as “puppy love.” He went on up to marry and have kids, but because their parents are friendly, the singer has kept tabs on him over the years. “I got the boy, you got the man,” is a message to Matthew's wife, delivered without resentment or jealousy.

Can you relate? Maybe you long for a boy you gave up on too early in high school, or perhaps you were the beneficiary of the hard work some other lady put in many years ago. Explain why you relate to “I Got the Boy” in the comments section below, or if you feel you can get it down to 140 characters, tweet @KramerGirl and use the #IGotTheBoyStories hashtag.

These days, Kramer has the man. She married football player Michael Caussin on May 22 during a scenic ceremony in his hometown of Charlottesville, Va. Since meeting the 28-year-old, she’s been all smiles, and it shows when she performs. “I Got the Boy” is the followup to “Love,” both from a new album expected to be released later this year.

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