'I Hope It Rains' makes three heartbreaks in three singles for Jana Kramer. The new track from her self-titled debut album is more fun than the bittersweet 'Why Ya Wanna' and catchier than her Top 30 hit 'Whiskey.' The singer finds that sweet spot between revenge and psycho and works the vocals into a potential hit.

This uptempo, pop-country rocker is a nice change of pace from revenge songs that end in death or destruction. It's nice see a female singer find success without showing an eagerness to cut someone. The hurt her boy left her with is still tangible, but she's a woman doing her best to move on.

"I hope it rains on you / Maybe a little bit of lightning too / And I hope it becomes a flood, lots of mud / Messin' up your whole day / I hope it rains," Kramer sings with each chorus.

She tells a good story, and while 'I Hope It Rains' isn't a thick plot, Kramer still accentuates the charming details, like the color of this other girl's shorts or her ex-boyfriend's favorite date. "I heard you got yourself a date already / Funny thought you needed your space just five nights ago / You'll probably take her to our favorite spot / Blanket down, on the ground, chicken from your mama's stove."

Her twang on words like "dress" and "kiss" feels less than genuine, but she's hardly the first Yankee to catch a southern drawl after spending significant time with friends south of the Mason-Dixon. 'I Hope It Rains' is a perfect summer song. It's easy to fall for and likely to bring back a few fond memories.

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