Jana Kramer is not only the songstress behind Nationwide Insurance's 'On Your Side' jingle, she's also a super smooth, leather-clad anti-thief in their newest 'Unburglar' commercial, which promotes their Join the Nation campaign for the Brand New Belongings program.

The actress-turned-singer takes center stage in the entertaining ad, and says she is excited about her partnership with Nationwide. "It started with singing the jingle," says Kramer, "but now the TV ad takes a fun and creative approach to communicate how Nationwide protects its members, and I’m proud to represent the brand.”

The commercial portrays two burglars going through a home, stealing a television, camera, and other personal home belongings. Kramer stealthily replaces each item, looking pretty sleek in a skin-tight leather ensemble and casual ponytail. The commercial ends with the infamous jingle that she sings.

The 'I Hope It Rains' hitmaker not only has a new commercial under her belt -- she's also getting ready to hit the road with Blake Shelton for his Ten Times Crazier Tour. While on tour, if any thieving takes place, it looks like Kramer's got it under control -- or at least, she'll know who to call.