Jana Kramer has broken off a friendship with someone who betrayed her confidence to a tabloid magazine for a recent cover story.

Kramer split from her husband, Michael Caussin, in August, and unconfirmed reports at the time indicated he had entered rehab. Us Weekly ran a cover story with the lurid headline, 'Married to a Sex Addict' and a picture of Kramer on its cover this week, claiming to have spoken to someone close to Kramer who allegedly revealed that Caussin had engaged in repeated infidelities during the couple's 15-month marriage.

Kramer has not commented directly on the veracity of the story in public, nor has she confirmed any of the rumors surrounding her marriage. But in an interview with the Cadillac Jack and Dallas radio show on Atlanta's Kicks 101.5FM, Kramer was asked directly about the Us Weekly piece.

"I found out the day before" that the story was coming, Kramer reveals. "It was something that we tried to obviously not get out there, so it's been a rough week, to say the least."

Kramer confirms that she did not speak directly to the magazine for the story, though it quotes from an older interview. Asked if she knew who the leak was, she says, "I do, yes. And we're no longer friends."

Though it's been a difficult time, Kramer says she's doing her best to move forward and be strong.

"I've got better things to worry about," she states. "I have a daughter I've got to raise, so I have to stay strong for her."

Kramer and Caussin welcomed their only child, Jolie Rae, in January of 2016.

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