Jana Kramer is hand-selecting four pictures that show what ‘Love’ is. Each week, she’ll share why she chose that winner and surprise him or her with a phone call and an autographed calendar. Submit your photo below. Fans can also sign up to win an autographed guitar from the ‘Love’ singer. 

I picked this picture because it shows that no matter your age, you can make a huge impact with love. This daughter has nothing to give but a hug to comfort her dad in his last days, and that is a HUGE sign of love. An act of love can make a huge impact, no matter the size of the gesture.

This week’s winner is Jessica Still:

Love: Holding your father in your arms at the age of 19 during his fourth battle with Leukemia. Something a father would do for his daughter in her time of need, but instead this time a daughter is comforting/holding her father during his ultimate time of need. Something I would have never traded for the world because I loved him with all my heart. This photo was taken during a very tough time for him — a time where we didn't think my dad was going to make it. But he did.


However, after a 9-year battle with Leukemia — a battle I watched him fight since I was 11 years old — he passed away about seven months later in October. He was my hero. My everything. The funniest man in the world. I loved him with all my heart and will always continue to love him even while he is in Heaven. My heart hurts every. single. day. that he is gone but I know he is watching over me.

Cancer absolutely sucks, more than sucks. Looking at this picture, it shows the love a daughter has for her father. This picture brings tears to my eyes just looking at it; especially now that he is gone … I love you daddy. I miss you. My hero forever.