Twenty-two-year-old Janelle Arthur will keep bringing country music to 'American Idol,' as she impressed the judges just enough last night to make it through the sudden death round. Arthur sang Lady Antebellum's 'Just a Kiss.'

While the young country hopeful had a clean performance,  the judges were not happy with her song choice. Keith Urban pointed out that the song is written for a trio -- and not for a solo singer. The ever-vocal Nicki Minaj piped up with some honest advice, "You do not have to overdo it ... I've been rooting for you from day one," and adamantly continued, "Don't ever do that again! You don't have to try hard."

Randy Jackson echoed the judges by saying that song was not right for her, and also pointed out that Arthur is his favorite country singer on the competition -- a high compliment, indeed! Mariah Carey chose to focus on Arthur's personality, "There is not an ounce of pretentiousness about you."

As one of the 10 female semi-finalists, Arthur will certainly have her work cut out for her as the competition is whittled down to the best and strongest vocalists in the country. Hopefully the East Tennessee native will find a song that showcases her effortless talent, similar to her earlier performance of Urban's 'Where the Blacktop Ends.'