Lionel Richie presented Jason Aldean with his CMT Artist of the Year award, pointing out that selling two million records requires skill, talent and swagger. That sure does sound like Aldean!

In the interview package that aired before he accepted his award, Aldean acknowledged that it was a breakout year because of the monster songs -- 'Don't You Wanna Stay,' 'Dirt Road Anthem' and 'My Kinda Party' -- that he released. It's worth noting that he said it was a monster year "for us," recognizing all the members of his team.

Aldean also said that while has has experienced some crossover moments, like dueting with Kelly Clarkson on record and on the 'American Idol' stage. However, he said that he is certainly not a pop singer and that he is proud to be a tried and true country star. Aldean never has and never will lose sight of his roots!

When he accepted his award, Aldean said, "Lionel Richie giving me an award is pretty cool." He also pointed out that a year ago, he was uncertain about his future and had no idea that a million fans would come out to see and support him on tour. He was actually unaware that the actual figure was one million until Richie said it while honoring him!

Aldean took care to thank his crew, since they are behind the scenes and don't get much acknowledgment! What a class act.