Jason Aldean went back to his roots for his last release, but he's giving fans something a little more contemporary with his brand new single, "A Little More Summertime."

The country superstar re-visited the brand of guitar-heavy arena country that helped build his career with "Lights Come On," the lead single from his upcoming seventh studio album, They Don't Know. He takes a turn for the mellow and reflective for "A Little More Summertime," which Jerry Flowers, Tony Martin and Wendell Mobley teamed up to write.

The wistful lyrics to "A Little More Summertime" lament the passing of summer, and a summer romance that ended up passing with it. "They're boarding up this water town / Ain't nobody hangin' 'round / Another gray September day / Was I crazy to think she'd stay?" Aldean sings to begin the song.

Musically the verses are built around the kind of electronic percussion loops that Aldean helped to bring to the mainstream in country music, juxtaposed with some simple, clean guitar rhythms that form a bed for a very straight vocal performance. The song builds to a much bigger soundscape in the choruses, adding distorted electric guitars and forcing Aldean into the upper part of his range for a chorus that really lifts and stands out from the rest of the song in a way that ought to be ear-catching for fans listening to the radio.

While it's not really a stretch into new territory for Aldean, "A Little More Summertime" definitely serves as a counterbalance to fist-in-the-air qualities of "Lights Come On," and hints at some real diversity fans might expect from They Don't Know, which is set for release in September.

Did You Know? "Lights Come On" recently became Aldean's 17th No. 1 hit.

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Jason Aldean's "A Little More Summertime" Lyrics:

"They're boarding up this water town / Ain't nobody hangin' 'round / Another gray September day / Was I crazy to think she'd stay?"


"If that sun would've just hung up in that sky just a little, just a little bit longer / If those blue water waves could've stayed at our feet on a beach 'stead of going out with the tide / If that wind was a friend it'd still be blowing in like a warm southern whisper on her / She might have stayed forever and never ever left these arms if only I had a little more summertime."

"I brace myself against the cold / And let her memory take hold / Stirring that old fire up / As if I don't miss her enough."

Repeat Chorus

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