Jason Aldean dressed up as Donald Trump, while his wife, Brittany Aldean, pulled her hair up to play Joe Biden for a debate skit that fans on both sides of the political aisle will appreciate.

While Aldean is a supporter of — and golfing buddy to — former president Trump, he doesn't hold back in making fun of his legal troubles and love of money.

Meanwhile, Brittany's Joe Biden plays on an oft-used source of humor: The president's age.

"Corn Pop was a bad dude," Brittany-Biden offers at one point, to everyone's confusion.

Later she falls asleep at the dais, only to be awoken when the moderator (played by Chuck Wicks) shouts, "Obama's here!"

attachment-Joe Biden Ice Cone

When pressed on matters of foreign policy and the economy, Brittany-Biden begins licking an ice cream cone. A gold money dispensing machine makes an appearance later — yeah, it's safe to say the Aldeans get their digs in, but ...

Jason Aldean's Trump appears in handcuffs, looking more orange than Q*bert, and stuffs money meant for Ukraine into his own pockets. His impression may not get him invited on Saturday Night Live, but it's a well-researched effort that attempts to capture Trump's hubris.

It's be unfair to characterize the Aldeans' new Halloween skit as objective, since Wicks, as moderator, does refer to Biden as the former Vice President (a subtle nod to election deniers). They don't spend three-and-a-half-minutes bashing the current president, either.

The video ends with Aldean's Trump being led away in handcuffs, and credits reveal that the couple and Wicks wrote the script. That comes over this nightmare-inducing image of Jason-Trump:

attachment-Aldean as Donald Trump

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