When Brittany Aldean needs to get away, she'll retreat to what she calls the girl extension of her and husband Jason Aldean's house. Talking to Taste of Country, she describes what she calls her "spa."

"It's where we get pedicures and do all the girl things," Brittany says with a laugh. Lush furniture, leopard print throw pillows and a marble wall (it's just wallpaper) surround her. The mother of two looks rather at ease in a house bigger than the living quarters at the White House.

Plenty has been said about the Aldean's new mansion, with the couple not shying away from sharing pictures that amplify it's grandeur. Their kids together, Memphis and Navy, have explored every inch of the home, Brittany shares, laughing the kind of anxious laugh a mother can relate to.

Her husband's favorite part is the pool, which he designed to bring a bit of the beach to middle Tennessee. To wrap 2019, he talked to Taste of Country Nights about how that was the one area he couldn't wait to have finished, hoping to soon have parties on the patio. The pandemic may have muted some of the fun, but the tropical wonderland has still made cameos on social media.

"It's really weird, I actually posted a photo not long ago and it was snowing and then there's palm trees," the 33-year-old Brittany says. "Our palm trees aren't really obviously. It's just a really funny photo to see. A tropical snowstorm."

Brittany Aldean spoke with Taste of Country in early January on behalf of the South Beach Diet, a program she has used to help get back to her pre-baby weight. One figures it's not hard to stay active in a house like the Aldeans'. The steps really start to add up chasing kids through every nook and cranny of a structure that's ... how big?

"I don't know, to be honest," she says. "But I will say it's over 20,000 square feet, but I'm not sure. It's a big guy. Jason worked hard for it."

See Pictures of Jason Aldean's Amazing New Mansion: 

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