In the latest episode of the new E! Television reality show 'Opening Act,' 16-year-old Kylie Morgan from Newcastle, Okla. was picked to take the stage before Jason Aldean on a recent stop of his My Kinda Party Tour. That was the first of many emotional surprises for the teen. 

Morgan's video clip was discovered after the panel of seasoned musicians and music industry professionals (which included country superstar Martina McBride) viewed countless YouTube videos. The young girl's powerful pipes pulled in thumbs up all across the board, and the show's host was on her way to deliver the good news. Morgan was in complete shock upon being asked to open for her favorite male country singer, and to put any doubt in her mind to rest, Aldean delivered his own personalized message to Morgan via video. Emotions ran high for Morgan who eagerly accepted the amazing offer and opportunity.

Upon her arrival in Hollywood, Morgan had only four days before taking the stage in Birmingham, Ala. Morgan's first day of boot camp training had her face-to-face with members of the panel of stars who put her in the prime position. She showed them what she was made of with a selection of various original tunes that she planned to sing on her big night. After the suggestion that she needed one more strong song to perform for Aldean's audience, Morgan was flown to Nashville to work one-on-one with legendary record producer Dann Huff.

Once in Nashville, Huff played Morgan a special song he picked out for her. Morgan ran through the song in the studio with Huff behind the board, and slowly but surely started to gain her confidence as a performer. But when she found herself alone after a long day of riding an emotional roller-coaster, Morgan broke down to the camera, showing that when it's all stripped down, she is just a young girl in need of her support system from back home.

The following day Morgan was back at it once again, hitting the streets of Nashville to soak in all that she could, including the Grand Old Opry. While she was told the Opry was closed down just for her, there was one exception made for Dierks Bentley, who had one more surprise for Morgan. After small talk about her having to leave her band behind in Oklahoma for this journey, Bentley called her band out from backstage.

Just when she thought things couldn't get any sweeter, Morgan was given one more surprise when a tour bus decked out with her name and picture pulled up beside her on the street for Morgan to take to Alabama for her big opening act slot. But there was yet another surprise in store. Inside the bus was Morgan's entire family, who would be accompanying her to Alabama for her incredibly special night of music.

Morgan proved to be quite the professional after the sun went down. Rather than partying it up on her home on wheels, she and her band ran through her songs over and over to make sure they were well-prepared for their shot in the spotlight the following night.

One would never be able to tell Morgan had any butterflies by the time she took the stage, looking like a pro who had been playing for crowds of that magnitude for decades. Following her performance, Aldean stopped by Morgan's dressing room to congratulate the young singer on a job well done. Minutes later, Morgan's family did the same.

Her family was still surrounding her when 'Opening Act' had just one last surprise for Morgan. The show's host presented Morgan a for $10,000 from CoverGirl, made out to Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center on her behalf, due to all the hard work and determination to stop bullying, inspired by her emotional and personal song, 'Phoebee,' which she wrote after a young girl her age who took her own life after being bullied.

"'Opening Act,' I really believe has really changed my life," Morgan said to close out the episode. "I showed the world what Kylie Morgan was made of. Now we'll just wait and see what else she does [laughs]! This is just the beginning."