There's nothing atypical about Jason Aldean stepping onto a giant stage in a cowboy hat, jeans, brown leather jacket and pearl snap-laden plaid shirt. However, tonight it had everything to do with who stepped out there with him.

Getting into the contagious half-time groove of his 'Dirt Road Anthem' at the 2011 Grammy nominations concert, Aldean led the song himself and took the first rap portion on his own.

But it was the second rap of the song that found a guest jumping in to add an extra dash of soul to the country star's single. Joining Aldean onstage in all black, sunglasses and an eye-catching watch, legendary rapper Ludacris added his recognizable rap flair to the song, even jokingly pushing Aldean out of the way for a moment.

What resulted was a feel-good marriage of two seemingly opposite genres and a crowd pleaser of epic proportion. Country music diehards and R&B lovers alike gave it up for their rendition of the genre-blending hit. At the end, Ludacris came out with an electric guitar and pretended to add to the music before it came to an end with the audience exploding in applause.

Watch Jason Aldean and Ludacris Perform 'Dirt Road Anthem'