turn your back for a second, and they're all grown up. Or, at least, they've hit yet another milestone while you weren't paying attention.

In the case of Jason Aldean's youngest child, 1-year-old daughter Navy Rome, the little one was just a baby two minutes ago—and now suddenly is sporting a feature that makes her look heartrendingly just a wee bit more grown up.

That would be her pigtails, of course, which mom Brittany showed off in a series of pictures (and a video!) posted to social media Tuesday (Mar. 24). As any parent of a daughter knows, the day one can manage to put her baby hair in ponytails has long been occasion to break out the camera. "Little Miss Piggy," proudly noted Mom in the adorable post.

Navy celebrated her first birthday last month, and started walking around the same time, resulting in many videos shared by her parents of her toddling along unsteadily behind big brother Memphis (who turned 2 in Dec. 2019, and is a bit more sure-footed at this point).

Aldean and his family have currently escaped the less-pleasant weather in Tennessee to hunker down in their Florida beach house, properly adhering to quarantine and social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The couple are also in limbo waiting for their Nashville dream house to be built to completion, expecting to move in likely by this summer.

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