Jason Aldean certainly debuted his new single 'Night Train' with a celebratory bang as he hit the stage at the 2013 CMT Music Awards. In fact, the sky literally lit up while he played, as fireworks were involved, making it a spectacular display of country music and pyrotechnics.

Wearing a red shirt and his typical cowboy hat, Aldean strummed his acoustic guitar and turned out a solid performance for the packed crowd. Fans were lining the streets of Nashville at the outdoor offsite location on Broadway, which was further lit up by the honky tonk neon lights.

The country rocker had had a big night already, as he won Collaborative Video of the Year with Luke Bryan and Eric Church. He also blazed the stage with Lenny Kravitz, and of course, co-hosted the event with actress Kristen Bell.

At the end of Aldean's set, the crowd went wild, throwing up their hands and dancing along to his energetic hit as fireworks sparkled above them. His album, 'Night Train,' is certified Platinum, and he had actually surveyed his fans to help him pick his next single. This performance was a great way to debut the track 'Night Train' with sparks flying -- literally.