When Jason Aldean makes a decision, he's going to stick with it, no matter what -- at least when it comes to judging reality television shows. The '1994' singer recently confirmed that you won't be seeing him as a tv show judge anytime soon.

Aldean declared almost a year ago that he isn't interested in following in the footsteps of fellow country crooner, Blake Shelton, who coaches on 'The Voice.' That's his story, and he's sticking to it, as he recently told Country Weekly why he's not drawn to reality TV.  "I would be miserable if I wasn't out on the road playing my shows," the star explains. "If I had to sit in a building and I had to focus more on doing a show like that versus going out and playing my shows live, I just, I wouldn't be happy doing that."

He isn't totally opposed to appearing on the silver screen, adding, "So, I wouldn't mind doing things on the side, but music will always be my main deal." Aldean will actually be appearing in upcoming movie 'Sweetwater,' but you can expect that he'll be adamant in ensuring it wouldn't overshadow his career in any way.

Although some of his fellow country stars have succumbed to the lure of reality TV, including Keith Urban, who is an 'American Idol' judge, or Wynonna Judd and Kellie Pickler, who are contestants on 'Dancing With the Stars,' and seem to really enjoy it, you can be sure that the laid-back singer will hold true to his word. He'll stick to playing shows versus appearing on shows. And, if he's happy, we're happy.