Jason Aldean is out on his 2014 Burn It Down Tour, and along the way, he'll hit up multiple baseball stadiums -- quite the feat! In a chat with Taste of Country and other media at the kickoff of the tour, Aldean opened up on his feelings about stadium shows, plus the feasibility of future rap collaborations and more.

Aldean is a huge baseball fan -- he even turned down a baseball scholarship at on point in his life. But that doesn't mean country music and baseball can't and won't collide for him.

The star explains, "When I first started going on the road ... any time we were in a city where they had a baseball stadium, I would try to see a baseball game at as many stadiums as I could."

Now, he's playing in those gigantic stadiums, and it means a lot to the 37-year-old. "I'm in awe ... to realize that many people care about what we're doing. It's still kind of crazy to me," Aldean says. The stadiums he's stopping in -- along with guests Florida Georgia Line, and Tyler Farr -- hold tens of thousands of fans who will all be there for one thing: a really great show.

Naturally, with Aldean's success, there lots of artists clamoring for a collaboration. When asked if he's consider a Nelly or another Ludacris remix, (especially after FGL had so much success with 'Cruise'), the star was honest in his answer. "I don't really think about it when we're recording a song," he shares. "First and foremost, I want to have something that's going to work for us, ultimately, because we're going to be onstage singing it every night."

However, Aldean says, "It adds something to the song, to have somebody like that come in and be a part of it. I think it's cool. It's something that I have thought about a little bit. But at the same time, you kinda want to wait and see what the song does on its own first. This is the version you want to do well. If it does well, cool, let's get some guys on there."

It sounds like things are up in the air regarding a rap-country mix on his forthcoming album, but the acknowledges that his new single 'Burnin' It Down' would make a fantastic collaboration due to its infectious drum loop.

For now, Aldean is concentrating on his tour -- especially his stadium stops. Says the country star, "There's a lot more excitement around shows like this ... where people want to come and be a part of it."

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