There’s something dangerous about Jason Aldean’s new single “Tonight Looks Good on You," and many of the love songs found on Old Boots, New Dirt. The story is familiar, but his delivery is unique and sincere.

Lyrically the song separates itself from his previous late-night love songs (“Take a Little Ride,” “Night Train”). The second verse is particularly colorful. Really the song comes alive after the first chorus:

“I can taste the midnight on your lips / Makes me just wanna lean in for another kiss / Wind blowing your hair around / Girl, it makes me want to lay you down / You've been beautiful a million times / But I've never seen you look like this,” Aldean sings during “Tonight Looks Good on You.”

A smokey guitar intro reappears throughout the song, rising like steam from the blacktop. “Somethin' about that southern sky / Sitting back behind that moon / It goes perfect with your eyes / Girl tonight looks good on you,” he sings to begin the chorus.

There’s renewed passion and energy to be found on Old Boots, New Dirt. Emotionally, the star steers away from the mediocre middle, and country radio is better for it. This song should be another easy hit for Aldean — and writers Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley and Dallas Davidson.

Why Fans Will Love It: While not as sexy as "Burnin' It Down," "Tonight Looks Good on You" is more baby-making music for Aldean.

Key Lyrics: “It's something about the way you're smiling / Making the stars fall right on queue / I just gotta tell you, baby / Tonight looks good on you.”

Did You Know?: "Tonight Looks Good on You" is co-writer Dallas Davidson's first cut on a Jason Aldean album.

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