Almost everything Jason Aldean touches turns to gold, and his new single 'When She Says Baby' will likely be no different. Very few of the singer's releases since 'Hicktown' in 2005 have failed to sell at least 500,000 singles. He has his finger on the pulse of what mainstream country audiences are craving.

'When She Says Baby' continues his swing back from the outer limits of what fans will accept as country. This uptempo rocker isn't all aggression. It has heart, and Aldean is sincere talking about the peace of mind the right person waiting for you at home can bring.

"When she says baby / Oh no matter what comes, ain't going nowhere / She runs her fingers through my hair and saves me / Yeah that look in her eyes got me coming alive / Driving me good kinda crazy / When she says baby," he sings during the chorus.

Ben Hayslip and Rhett Akins co-wrote the track. It's very accessible, lyrically. Producer Michael Knox does nothing to obfuscate the message.

"Some nights i come home fighting mad / Feel like running my fist through the wall / Is it even worth what I'm fighting for anymore / Feeling torn, oh to hell with it all," Aldean adds during a second verse. Listen for the cry of a steel and a few well-placed organ licks midway through.

None of the five singles Aldean has released from 'Night Train' are exactly the same. In fact, they all manage to travel different roads without ever leaving the county. Rarely does an artist get to single No. 5 unless he or she releases a gratuitous deluxe edition that includes new music. That Aldean hasn't done that speaks to the power of 'Night Train.'

Why Fans Will Love It: It speaks to the masses with lyrics that are easy to relate to.

Key Lyrics: "Yeah that look in her eyes got me coming alive / Driving me good kinda crazy / When she says baby"

Did You Know?: This is the little song that could. The track was among the last to be recorded for 'Night Train' and was an add-on to the setlist for the 'Night Train to Georgia' DVD. Now it's the fifth single from his fifth studio album.

Listen to Jason Aldean, 'When She Says Baby'