Like most of us, Jason Aldean has been hearing about the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York City for his entire life. But he probably never imagined that the first time he would set foot in the famous venue, it would be to perform in front of a sold-out crowd.

Filling every space in Madison Square Garden is a feat in itself, but it's even more impressive when it's your first time to even walk through the doors.

“I’d never played it as an opening act or anything,” Aldean explains. “So, my first time playing there was my own show, which was great.”

The 'My Kinda Party' hitmaker was feeling pretty good about his experience on March 2 -- after all, who wouldn't be on cloud nine after selling out MSG -- but then he saw something that humbled him pretty fast. A banner commemorating Elton John's number of sold-out shows at the Garden was hanging from the ceiling.

“It says, ‘Elton John 62.’ And I’m like, ‘What does that mean?’” Aldean recalls. “Well, apparently he’s sold out 62 shows there, so it made my little one show not seem so cool anymore.”

Of course, the award-winning country star has some work to do to catch up to Elton John -- but who doesn't? Regardless, Aldean was excited about how many of his supportive fans live in the New York area.

“[It] kind of opened my eyes to the fact that maybe that’s something we need to take a harder look at, and try to go back there a little more," he admits.

For now, Aldean's 2013 Night Train Tour is rolling back down south and through the midwest to play for some more packed crowds.