Jason Aldean and his family are bidding good-bye to their home, and are off to a new one—which they are building from the ground up to their exact custom specifications. While doubtlessly the new abode will be the home of their dreams, that doesn't mean there are plenty of emotions and special memories attached to the place they're leaving behind.

Brittany Aldean posted a tribute to their old place on social media which put into words everything anyone feels leaving one home for another (even if the new home is better than the last).

"Tonight we said goodbye to our home for the past three years," she mused. "The home where we brought our first baby, where the dog that I loved more than words spent his last years, where I had my first baby shower, numerous parties just because and built a fish tank that housed so many of my ‘angels’ (as I call them). I know there’s so much that the future holds in other places, but to me, this house was so special... and always will be."

Brittany also posted some explanation about the Aldeans' new digs, which she noted would be more "kid friendly." That'll work well for the couple, who have a 1-year-old son, Memphis, and a baby daughter on the way named Navy Rome, who is expected next month. although Mama notes she's "READY" any time the little one wants to come out. The family also includes Jason's two older daughters from his first marriage.

Everyone will be spending time in a temporary house for about a year, which the couple has already begun putting their personal touches on, including decorating a beautiful nursery for Navy.

See Pics of Jason and Brittany Aldean's Former Fairytale Mansion:


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