Well, the big day has finally arrived: The National Championship SEC showdown between Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide and Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs ... and therefore, the pinnacle of a huge rivalry between country superstar Jason Aldean (Georgia) and his wife, Brittany (Alabama).

The famously "house divided" couple took off for the game Jan 8. with some famous friends in tow, including University of Georgia alum Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum and Georgia state native Thomas Rhett.

Despite being surrounded by so much Dawgs power, Brittany held her own. As Jason told Sirius XM's The Highway, "Amongst all these Georgia fans, she's swagged out, she's all the way Alabama fan." Roll tide!

It's a bloody rivalry for sure, but Jason assured that it's all in good fun. "Neither one of us rubs it in each other's face," he noted. "Honestly, last year when Alabama played Clemson, I actually got tickets and took her to the game, because I knew she wanted to go, and I was pulling for 'Bama. I was hoping they would win."

"It's kind of a fun little rivalry," he related, explaining that he thinks that concentrating on the rivalry too much is a recipe for disaster. "We don't take it too seriously."

When asked if baby son Memphis—who famously donned Georgia gear before even leaving the hospital after his birth—was at the game too, Jason assured fans that baby Memphis was back at home with his grandparents, and that the couple would pick him up as soon as the festivities were over.

Memphis was born one day before the SEC Championship game in which Georgia took on Auburn, and trounced them 28-7. Let's see if he brings his dad any luck.

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