Jason Eady's new single, "Waiting to Shine," will have listeners tapping their feet and nodding along without even realizing it. The infectious song premieres exclusively on Taste of Country on Thursday (March 23).

The sprightly mid-up-tempo tune features a sparse bed track with acoustic guitars and Eady's vocal mixed way up front. The groove and instrumental interplay create a jaunty feel that's the perfect framework for a lyric that finds Eady struggling to find the right words for the most important people in his life.

"Words are like diamonds, the best ones are the hardest to find / Buried in the bottom of the coal just waiting to shine," Eady sings in the chorus.

The song itself has been waiting to shine for quite a while.

"I wrote 'Waiting to Shine' ten years ago and have been playing it in the live shows ever since," Eady tells Taste of Country. "The lyrics and the feel of the song were right in line with what we were doing on this record, so it felt like a natural fit. I'm really excited to get this one out there."

The Fort Worth, Texas-based musician was actively trying to capture the vibe of simply playing the songs acoustically on the porch with his upcoming self-titled album, which is set to drop via Thirty Tigers on April 21. He teamed with producer Kevin Welch, who helped him achieve that aesthetic without sacrificing compelling arrangements.

"At the beginning I told everyone I wanted to make a record where, if the power went out, we could still sit down and play all the songs the exact same way," Eady says of the new album, which features appearances from Vince Gill, the SteelDrivers' Tammy Rogers and his wife, singer-songwriter Courtney Patton.

NPR, Rolling Stone Country and more media outlets have already given the forthcoming project strong advance notice. It's currently available for pre-order in both physical and digital versions. Listen to "Waiting to Shine" below, and visit Eady's official website for more information, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to Jason Eady, "Waiting to Shine"

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